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Sweet Angel: Turning the Dark Side into Incredibly Good

When it comes to writing, anything and everything can be your inspiration.  Just like our next featured author/writer.  With her Darkest Organization Series, it's very obvious how gifted she is.  And now, we all present to you, our Sweet Angel. MyEbookLounge:  Tell us something about yourself? Anything that you're comfortable sharing to the public. SA:  I'm Renalyn P. Basig, with…

Nihc Ronoel: From the Writer’s Eyes

From writing through her cellphone to a published author, get to know Nihc in her own words. MyEbooklounge: Can you tell us about yourself, anything you're comfortable sharing to the public? NR: I am Leonor Chin, as you can see my pen name is just a perfect anadrome of my name Leonor Chin that's why it's Nihc Ronoel. I love…

Simply Foxybee: Pushing Boundaries and More

An author who keeps pushing boundaries, never afraid to tackle topics that are beyond the conventional one.  Abby gives foxy a whole new meaning, feisty, smarter and bolder.   MyEbookLounge:  Tell us about yourself? Personal info. about you that you're comfortable to share in public. Foxybee: I am Abby Lanterno, also known by my pen name ‘foxybeee’. I am 21…

Up, Close and Personal with a Rising Star

“We are all lines in someone else's stories while we write our poetry.”  That is the tagline that our next feature writer carries.  We usually see a bright star across different constellation, and for MyEbookLounge, we found ours with Fade A.  Know more about her and see what the universe had gifted us.   MyEbookLounge:  Tell us about yourself? Personal…

Getting Personal with Nikki

We’re very proud to present to you our very first feature writer in the site, Nikki Del Rosario.  An established romance writer whose works have been published by different publishing company, Nikki continuously treats us with her amazing stories that always brings us to the realm of romance.   MyEbookLounge:  Tell us about yourself that you're comfortable to share in…

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