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We are all lines in someone else’s stories while we write our poetry.”  That is the tagline that our next feature writer carries.  We usually see a bright star across different constellation, and for MyEbookLounge, we found ours with Fade A.  Know more about her and see what the universe had gifted us.


MyEbookLounge:  Tell us about yourself? Personal info. about you that you’re comfortable to share in public.


Fade:  Hi. You can call me Fade. It came from my pseudonym nevertofadingstars. I love everything about the stars and the universe so you can say one of my favourite hobbies is stargazing. I love brewed coffee, old-scented papers, cute pens, and vintage things. I am a licensed professional teacher and a law student.


MyEbookLounge:  How would your friends describe you?


Fade:  They’ll tell you I am masungit because I have this what you call ‘resting bitch face’ which is true but they’ll assure you, too, that I am a kind and understanding person.


MyEbookLounge:  When and why did you start writing?


Fade:  I started writing when I was in high school because I got frustrated with the ending of a book I’ve read. I hate the ending. It didn’t satisfy me, so I told myself, I’ll write the ending. That’s it, I fell in love with writing and I started to write stories at the back of my notebook ‘till I found Wattpad.

MyEbookLounge:  Where do you get your ideas or inspirations?


Fade:  My ideas came from the experiences of the people or strangers I’ve meet along the way. Some came from my own. Others just instantly cross my mind and I have to write it the moment I thought about it because I intend to forgot about it the next day. (HAHA)


MyEbookLounge:  What is your writing process like?


Fade:  Do I have that? Haha. I don’t have. I mean, I write everything. I write whenever I feel like writing. And, I let it flow. I don’t follow a schedule and I also don’t have an outline. Sometimes, when I hate what I wrote, I’ll put it in draft because I believe I can use that scene the next time.


MyEbookLounge:  What advice do you have for writers whose having a writer’s block?


Fade:  Let it go. I mean, it’s okay to have a writer’s block. Every writer experiences that and it’s just normal. It’s just a matter of finding the right time and inspiration for you to write. Sometimes, we have the tendency to force ourselves and don’t do that. If you cannot write today, it’s okay, write again tomorrow. Write until writing finds you again. Oh. Listening to music can help.

MyEbookLounge:  Does writing energize or exhaust you?


Fade:  Both. There are times when I felt exhausted because I don’t know why I am writing. I stopped writing before and started again during the pandemic. Let’s just say, I am in between.

MyEbookLounge:  What other authors are you friends with, and how do they help you become a better writer?

Fade:  Honestly, I don’t have author friends. Like close friends which is sad because I don’t have anyone to talk to about writing. Hoping to find one. Haha


MyEbookLounge:  How many published books do you have?


Fade:  I don’t have published books yet. Hoping to have in the future. For now, all my stories are under non-exclusive contract with various online reading application.


MyEbookLounge:  What kind of research do you do, and how long do you spend researching before beginning a book? A week?


Fade:  Well, not really. I do the research while writing the chapter or a particular scene if I need to include facts.


MyEbookLounge:  How long on average does it take you to write a book?


Fade:  It depends if I am busy or not and most of the time I am. So, A year? Hahaha.


MyEbookLounge:  Are you writing a book right now? If yes, describe your book in no more than 250 words.


Fade:  Yes. I am writing the second book of my Playlist Series. It’s called Playlist Series because it features famous band and they are somehow my inspiration in writing the story. The second book features Coldplay. It’s the story about chasing our dreams and the struggles to reach those and become a better person. Also, finding the love that we truly deserve after letting go.


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