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An author who keeps pushing boundaries, never afraid to tackle topics that are beyond the conventional one.  Abby gives foxy a whole new meaning, feisty, smarter and bolder.


MyEbookLounge:  Tell us about yourself? Personal info. about you that you’re comfortable to share in public.

Foxybee: I am Abby Lanterno, also known by my pen name ‘foxybeee’. I am 21 years old and currently  in my last year in college as a Student Physical Therapist. I want to pursue my dream of becoming a surgeon while enjoying myself in the world of writing.


MyEbookLounge:  How would your friends describe you?

Foxybee:  I write in a improptu way, so everything that sinks in my brain and evey detail of my emotion is going to be put in the paper that will serve as a draft, I don’t skip writing so if I come up with an idea or an inspiration to update a chapter I would write it all out without leaving it unfinished after that I check for revisions such as grammars, spelling and will upload it. I don’t change the flow of my pre-writing so whatever comes to mind, that would be the update.


MyEbookLounge:  What advice do you have for writers who have a writer’s block?

Foxybee:  I often got a writer’s block so sometimes I don’t update for a whole month but when I do it will be a massive update, as for an advice, I always unwind, re-read my favorite novels, explore other books, watch some movies, horror to be specific to release my stress, I sleep a lot to cope up with it so that may help, re-connect with the important peopkle in your life, if you have pets play with them, doing these stuffs may release you from suffocation and can make you come up with an idea for your stories, it helped me a lot, you just need to re-lit the fire inside of you.

MyEbookLounge:  Does writing energize or exhaust you?

Foxybee:  Both, it exhaustingly energizes me to come up and write a story, not because I needed to update but because writing became a part of me, I need to release the thoughts that keeps on running inside my mind so it energizes me but at the same time I am exhausted in doing it but at the end of the day, I still love writing no matter what exhaustion it gives me the feeling of satisfaction is there and I feel like I achieve something whenever I write.


MyEbookLounge:  What other authors are you friends with, and how do they help you become a better writer?

Foxybee: I’m still an a newbie writer, an amateur-author, some of my friends don’t write stories, but I have an acquaintance author, she was paid author in wattpad, she held a fb live last time with her fans including me as her fan also I got the chance to ask her what advice could she give to those who aspires to become a well-known author and she said that never let your passion run down, always read novels to enhance my writing skills and the use of words, also take note of how other novelist write their own books, and put a lot of emotion to every situation so that the readers can also feel what you want to pertain and I still practice that advice until now.


MyEbookLounge:  How many published books do you have?

Foxybee:  I still don’t have a physical book but my total published books are 21 in total, five completed stories and the others are still in progress.

MyEbookLounge:  What kind of research do you do, and how long do you spend researching before beginning a book?

Foxybee:  As I have mentioned earlier, I come up with an idea or an inspiration most of the time from my daily life basis, so if I want some twists in my stories it would take me about a day to research about stuff and create one.


MyEbookLounge:   How long on average does it take you to write a book?

Foxybee:  It really depends on my mood and the circumstances in my life. To be specific, it would take me about 2-3 months to finish a book, and if I am really  engrossed in one, it would just take me a month to finish.


MyEbookLounge:  Are you writing a book right now? If yes, describe your book in no more than 250 words.

Foxybee:  Yes, I am focusing on Sonata’s Memoir, it was a story of a poor young girl who dreams to reach her dreams of becoming a world renowned pianist and to be called a human metronome with a dark past, it was a slice of life were different scenarios of life threatening events are going to happen, reminding her that not life is the one who is unfair but the people around it and those people who have power and money involved, somehow based on a true-to life events, Sonata will then face such hardships in life in terms of friendship, family, school and love life as she one by one unveils and learn the difficulties and struggles of being alive and what decisions will she choose to make her life easier while reaching her dreams.