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When it comes to writing, anything and everything can be your inspiration.  Just like our next featured author/writer.  With her Darkest Organization Series, it’s very obvious how gifted she is.  And now, we all present to you, our Sweet Angel.

MyEbookLounge:  Tell us something about yourself? Anything that you’re comfortable sharing to the public.

SA:  I’m Renalyn P. Basig, with the penname Sweet_Angel-27. I’m 24 years old and live in the province of Ilocos Norte. I’m a second-year college student at MMSU (Mariano Marcos State University) and I’m taking a BS in Agriculture. When I graduated from elementary, I didn’t attend secondary because we had a problem then. I didn’t enroll at first because we didn’t have a permanent house. But after two years of mediocrity, I enrolled in secondary school, which I enjoyed because it meant I could finally start my high school life. That’s why my age is too old as a second-year college student, but I don’t care because age is not the basis for education. That’s all that I want to share.

MyEbookLounge:  How would your friends describe you?

SA:  My friends describe me as kind, responsible, hardworking, honest, and straight-forward.

MyEbookLounge:  When did you start writing?

SA:  I started writing a novel or book in March 2020. I forgot the exact date, but I know the month and year. Well, I was just influenced by my favorite authors on Wattpad, and I told myself what it really feels to be a writer of novels. So I did. I titled my first novel “My Professor Mafia Boss Is My Husband” because I enjoy action novels mixed with romance and comedy. And I really wanted the leading man to be MAFIA, so my novel writing continued until now. And now I feel what the feelings of a writer of novels are. I am very happy because you have readers saying “Ms. A, update please.” “Ms. A, your stories are very good.” “Ms. A. I will support you no matter what. etc.”

MyEbookLounge:  Where do you get your ideas when writing a story?

SA:  I get my ideas by reading novels, then watching kdrama, cdrama, jdrama, etc. Because I like to watch dramas when I have free time, after 30 minutes, some ideas for scenes enter my mind that I can put in my novels. My inspiration is my parents. When I told them that I write novels on Wattpad, they pushed me to continue. I don’t know why they pushed me. Then one day, I saw that they had read my novels on Wattpad by accident. That made me happy, because they supported me secretly.

I have five processes, which are: planning before I start writing a novel, then drafting, revising, editing, and publishing on Wattpad.

MyEbookLounge:  What advice can you give to those who are just starting?

SA:  Always think positively. As long as you just do what you can do with your novels, you need to rest before you start again, because you will have nothing to write if you force yourself to do something you can’t do.

MyEbookLounge:  Does writing energize or exhaust you?

SA:  Both, because they can give me energy and exhaust me. Energized because I have fun, a good mood for writing when many people enjoy and read my novels, and exhausted because I attend my class and continue writing a novel, as if my thoughts are in trouble.

MyEbookLounge:  Are there other authors you are friends with?  Hoo do they help you become a better writer?

SA:  To be honest, I don’t have friends who write novels, but I’ve learned by just watching YouTube.

MyEbookLounge:  How many published books do you have?

SA:  I don’t have a physical book yet, but I already have 14 completed novels on Wattpad.

MyEbookLounge:  What kind of of research do you do and  how long do you spend researching before starting to write?

SA:  Nothing, as long as I’m just watching dramas, there are ideas coming into my mind before I start writing a novel.

MyEbookLounge:  How long, on an average, does it take you to write a book?

SA:  Two-three hours

MyEbookLounge:  Are you working on something right now?

SA:  No, because I focus first on my research papers, laboratory tests, quizzes, etc. But maybe when my schedule gets easier, I’ll start my new novel again.

There you go folks!  Come and read Sweet Angel’s Darkest Organization Series available in MyEbookLounge.  Don’t worry, it’s all free.  🙂