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From writing through her cellphone to a published author, get to know Nihc in her own words.

MyEbooklounge: Can you tell us about yourself, anything you’re comfortable sharing to the public?

NR: I am Leonor Chin, as you can see my pen name is just a perfect anadrome of my name Leonor Chin that’s why it’s Nihc Ronoel. I love originality, I am married with my long time boyfriend. We’re almost 11 year now and I’ve been married to him for almost 4 years but still enjoying time together. We don’t have kids yet and I’m a licensed electronic engineer. I’m working for 12 years in a semiconductor industry. It’s my first job and been there for 12 years.

I’m 32 yrs old, you might mistaken me as 23 yrs old.

I’m actually writing stories when I was in high school but I need stop to focus on my engineering course, it’s not an easy one. I just came back into writing last 2015. My sister introduced wattpad to me then I write there, The Glimpse of my Past that was published as hardbound today was the first story I wrote in wattpad. But unfortunately, I think I’m not acknowledged in wattpad. I don’t have many readers and I don’t have many votes and followers. That’s why I opted to join other platforms. I only tried my luck in submitting it to a publishing company.

MyEbooklounge: And usually where do you get your ideas or inspirations of your stories?

NR: Ideas and inspirations just come up unexpectedly. When it comes to inspiration i would have to say that it’s from my husband. All the banat lines, it all came from him. Minsan, nag aasaran kami, na sya daw yung leader ng mga nasusulat kong mga leading man.

MyEbooklounge: How about your other stories, is it somehow with likelihood to your friends personal story?

NR: The Glimpse of my Past is part of a series, it’s a story of siblings. There are 3 with Dianne being the eldest, then David and then Denise. It’s because we are 3, I have brother and sister. Their names all started with letter D because my husband’s initial is exactly ABC so I put the letter D and the leading men in the Glimpse of my Past, Liam and Leandro start with letter L because of my name.

MyEbooklounge: What is your writing process like?

NR: Way back in 2015 until last year, I was just using my cellular phone. It was only last year that my husband gifted me with a laptop. I have no specific time in writing. I can concentrate even with a lot of distractions.

MyEbooklounge: Do you have a schedule in writing like a couple of hours a day?

NR: Just as long as my time is free. If i’m in a shuttle, I write using my phone. Anytime, if I have time, I write.

MyEbooklounge: Do you feel exhaustion whenever you write?

NR: There’s a time I got exhausted. But a lot of time, I get energized like 80/20. My writing process is that I write the chapter then I edit it. Second step is I put more emotions for the 3rd step, I edit it again and then I role play it. I read it aloud, i’m acting every scene, that’s why my husband will sometimes see me crying.

MyEbooklounge: Do you research for your characters?

NR: Yes. DIanne is an accounting student then when she graduated she becomes an accountant. I am not accountant just basic knowledge. I do not plot my story because once you plot it, your characters will take over and change what’s happening around.

MyEbooklounge: How long does it take you to finish your story?

NR: I think it’s really long. Because sometimes I am not just writing one book. Sometimes I got writers block in that one story but not in another story. So I tend to jump to another story.

MyEbooklounge: How did you overcome it?

NR: I write. You can only defeat writers block when you write. Because once you write one sentence it turns to 3, then it turns to paragraph then you’ll reach 1000 words which is one chapter already.

MyEbooklounge: You mentioned you started writing in high school, what is your inspirations?

NR: I remember when I was in 3rd yr hs, i was a news writer in school paper, then 4th year, I
am news editor. Not sure why I wrote stories back then, but my only mistake, I use my classmate’s name. Then theres this one girl who said why are you using my name? I think she really liked the guy I used in the story but she’s not the leading lady in the story.

MyEbooklounge: Do you have favorite writers?

NR: As i told you earlier, I am not really a reader, I”m more into movies and series. But I have writer friends who I consider as my partner in crime. She always telling me to sign up with with different platforms. She also have published works online.

My one shots are horror stories. I love horror movies, back in high school my stories are horror.

MyEbooklounge: Are you planning to change genre?

NR: I have lots of stories in romance but I have mystery, thriller, suspense, action, fantasy. But I have 33 ongoing stories. I have a crazy mind I guess.

MyEbooklounge: Of all the genres, what you think is the most difficult to write?

NR: Action. Because I base it in Rurouni Kenshin, because of the action scenes. How can I describe them?

MyEbooklounge: So romance then. You have one book published, it’s a trilogy, are we expecting the other 2 to come out this year?

NR: I already finished book 2 and book 3 may be finished next year. It’s Dianne’s story but I finished book 1 and 2 of Davids story which is a different one. That time Fated to Love Her was well received by my readers so i am just continuing Dianne’ story now.

MyEbooklounge: When you saw your published book cover, what is the first thing you do?

NR: I smelled the book, the pages. Oh my god this is it! I can’t believe it! It’s feels impossible at first but holding your physical book it just surreal. Like i never expected this to happen.

MyEbooklounge: How long does it take you to realize that you really want to published it?

NR: That time, it’s already done. I think I finished the first draft May 2015. But it’s only 60,000 words and when I was reading it, it was so jeje. I am not yet joining critic groups. I am not a cry baby about criticism. Then I just edited it during the pandemic. I am not expecting to reach 100,000 words. Then book 2, i am now at 100,000 words and not. yet finished.

MyEbooklounge: Whenever you read feedback, how do you accept negative feedback?

NR: I actually reply to my readers. I find time to to respond to them. There was one commenter that I felt, napakawala kong kwenta. So I ianswered, wala naman pumilit sa ‘yo na magbsa nito.

MyEbooklounge: Well it,s your story and it’s up to them if they want to read it or not. Is there a feedback that inspires you?

NR: There’s one line that I read, it’s short but made my heart ecstatic. Best author ever.

MyEbooklounge: What do you want your readers to feel when they read your stories?

NR: I wrote stories with all my heart, so if they read my stories, they can easily notice i’m the writer because of my writing style. I’m not more of a reader, so I m not into reading other works. So most scenes there are from my life stories. I tend to post it in my page, the teddy bears are real, the dreamcatchers are real. So I think that one.