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Scripted Love (UNSCRIPTED)

Written By: ROugeLips       |       Story Status: In-Progress
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Wild Rose Side Story

WARNING!! RATED R! This story is not suitable for young readers.



I lifted my gaze to meet his. “This is just for my script.” I mumbled against his lips.

He let out a sexy smile.

Sexy mustard!

This brutally impossible worthy of a thousand smile mustard.

“I’m serious Trey.” This thing going on between us——-” I stopped and waved my hand between

us. “is just for my script.”

“I know Sigrid.” He said in his husky voice as he bit my lower lip. 

I groaned internally.

How can someone be so sexy without even trying?

“I know that you’re just using my body for your script.” He said in his condensing tone.

My eyes widened as I gaped at me.

“Now that everything is settled. Open your damn luscious lips and kiss me back.”


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